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Hilary Rodham Clinton: elected to the US. Senate, becoming the 1st First Lady ever elected to national office.


Colin Powell: 1st African American secretary of state.


Condoleezza Rice: 1st woman to serve as US national security adviser.


Halle Berry: 1st African American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress.


Vonetta Flowers: 1st African American female US athlete to win a gold medal in a Winter Olympics. She wins in the women's bobsleigh event on February 19th.


Steve Fossett: 1st balloonist to fly solo around the world when he landed in Australia on 4th July 2002.


Tom Ridge: 1st US Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.


Gene Robinson: 1st openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church in US.


Condoleezza Rice: 1st African American woman to serve as US secretary of state.


Anousheh Ansari: 1st female "space tourist," on September 18, 2006, she paid $20 million to ride on the Russian Soyuz TMA-9 capsule. also: 1st Iranian in space and 1st Muslim woman in space.


Effa Manley: co-owner of the Negro Leagues team Newark Eagles, becomes the 1st woman elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Tony Dungy: 1st African-American coach to win a Super Bowl.


Keith Ellison: 1st Muslim member of US Congress (He took the ceremonial oath with a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.)


Drew Gilpin Faust: 1st first woman president in Harvard University's 371-year history.


Nancy Pelosi: 1st first female Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

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