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WAHPT or WAHFT: How Many Terms Do You Know?

Interesting but True Trivia.

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You've probably heard of a few of the following "terms", but there are some that are a bit more unusual! I hope you find them useful and entertaining!

I've categorized myself, and these are the results: I'm a WAHFT WAHM who is soon to be a WAHPT which will eventually place me in the category of a LOL! Don't understand the terms? Read below. ↓

WAHM: Work At Home Mom
Work at home mom!

WAWAHM: Wannabe A Work At Home Mom

WAHWH: Working At Home With Hubby (Very challenging!)
Working at home with hubby!

WOOHM: (It's not what you're thinking!) Work Outside Of Home Mom

WOOHMWOFOTD: Work Outside Of Home Mom With One Foot Out The Door

OWAHM: Over-worked At Home Mom

LOL: Lady Of Leisure (what WAHM's are commonly and mistakenly referred to as but strive to become.)

WAHD: Work At Home Dad

WPTFTM: Work Part Time Full Time Mom

WAHP: Work At Home Professional (the politically correct term for those who feel that being called a "WAHM" is professionally demeaning)

WAHNAM: Work At Home, Not A Mom

WAHNAD: Work At Home, Not A Dad

WAHSP: Work At Home Single Parent

WAHR: Work At Home Retiree

WAHFL: Work At Home Free-Lancer

WAHFT: Work At Home Full-Timer

WAHPT: Work At Home Part-Timer

WAHPO: Work At Home Pet Owner (that small, but underappreciated segment)

INUIWAH: I'm Not Unemployed, I Work At Home

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